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    UHFAuto windscreen anti demolition

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    Automotive windshield detachable ceramic label  


    Automotive windshield detached-proof ceramic label is a kind of passive intelligent label, which conforms to ISO18000-6C protocol. The label has long-distance identification and high-speed anti-collision mechanism.  It can be used in many fields such as intelligent weighing management, highway (road and bridge) no-parking charge management, license plate anti-counterfeit identification management, vehicle marshding and dispatching management, intelligent parking lot management, entry-exit vehicle inspection at ports and container management at ports, etc.  

    The tag can operate in the UHF band of 840Mhz to 960 MHz, and supports frequency customization up to 120 MHz bandwidth to facilitate the selection of regional UHF tag frequency points.  Tags have anti-collision performance, can be deployed in a variety of global environments, with read/write field programmability and faster tag read/write speed, can run in the card reader dense environment and other features.  The label adopts high-frequency ceramic as the base material, and the pure silver antenna is attached to the surface of the base material by high temperature sintering, and then the chip is packaged. It has anti-disassembly function, and can prevent the multi-use of one card and the usurpation of the label.  

    Basic Features:  

    Label name: Automotive windshield detachable ceramic label;  

    Support standard: ISO18000-6C;  

    Frequency: 840 ~ 960MHz(support custom frequency);  

    Storage data: different chips;  

    Chip type: Alien/ Impinj or other;  

    Wipe/write cycle: 100000 times (at + 25°C);  

    Data duration: 10 years (at +25°C);  

    Operating temperature: -40℃~95℃;  

    Storage temperature: -40℃~105℃;  

    Label size: 88.5mm*56.5mm*4.0mm;  

    Reading speed: < 240KM/H;  

    Reading distance: > 16M.  

    Uv protection: the chip embedded in the anti-disassembly electronic label of the automobile can prevent uv radiation for a long time by special protection process.  The label with embedded chip without protection (such as the label chip exposed outside) will seriously affect or shorten its working life under the sun.  

    Other features: The characteristics of the label with high toughness double-sided adhesive is different from ordinary sponge adhesive is not easy to be scratched by the blade;  Silk screen printing pattern can be used on the ceramic adhesive surface to make the label look more beautiful from the outside of the car window, but it will not reduce the anti-demolition performance;  Special case protection makes the label more durable.  

    Pasting Instructions:  

    1. Automotive anti-detachable electronic tag is developed based on glass medium, and has better reading effect when sticking it on glass medium;  

    2, the label has anti-disassembly function, the label affixed to the carrier can not be removed, once removed, will damage its physical structure, and make it can not be normal or completely recognized by the reader.    


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    UHFAuto windscreen anti demolition
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